Insights from the 2018 MetaPack State of eCommerce Delivery Survey

July 2, 2019 by Buck Devashish

2018 MetaPack Survey

We’ve all heard headlines from Retail’s Big 3, i.e., Amazon, Target and Walmart, related to delivery innovation: Walmart and Target could Beat Amazon on Drone Delivery, Amazon Rolls out One-Day Prime Delivery, and Forget the porch. Walmart will deliver groceries right to your fridge starting this fall.

Why the significant investment and early testing of delivery methods? Because leading retailers and eCommerce companies such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, and others know that a customer-centric shopping and delivery experience leads to longer-term customer relationships and, thus, revenues. That’s just one of the learnings from the 2018 MetaPack State of eCommerce Delivery Survey. In the report, 61% of consumers say a positive delivery experience incentivizes them to shop with an e-tailer again.

What else can we learn from MetaPack’s research of more than 3,500 consumers in North America and Europe? Here are other key takeaways:

Delivery Choice & Convenience

Consumers now expect to have a range of delivery options when shopping online, so they can select the time, place, and delivery mode that best meets their needs. In summary, they want delivery to be more convenient. If you don’t provide these choices, consumers, now more than ever, are looking elsewhere to make their purchase. In fact, more than half (58%) say they’d prioritized purchasing goods from one eCommerce site over another because it provided more delivery options.

Delivery Personalization

It isn’t just about choices. After all, the real need for providing choices is driven by the personalization of delivery. Consumers now expect the same level of personalization in their delivery experience that they find in a retailer’s product search or product recommendation functionality on their website. 70% of US consumers were most likely to be tempted to switch retailers if the choice of delivery options were better personalized.

Consumers now expect the same level of personalization in their delivery experience that they find in a retailer's product search or product recommendation feature on their website Click To Tweet

Delivery is Critical to the Sale

Consumers now view delivery as the critical last step in the commerce journey. That’s something that will only grow in the evolution toward New Retail. So, what can retailers and eCommerce companies outside the Big 3 do better? For one, delivery can no longer be an afterthought as it has been. To prevent losing the consumer, retailers must communicate the how and when of delivery much earlier in the online journey to ensure consumers are well aware of their options. From MetaPack:

“Retailers and brands need to know everything about consumers and their fast-changing delivery priorities, enabling shoppers to engage on their own terms and take control of deciding ‘what, when, how and who’ makes their delivery.”

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