Welcome to the New Yantriks.com!

November 29, 2018 by Eugene Amigud

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Our mission at Yantriks is pretty simple: to help retailers and eTailers of all sizes modernize their digital commerce and fulfillment experience to meet the needs of today’s e-consumer. What does that really mean? That means having the e-consumer at the center of all decisions, the guiding light, if you will. It means being more customer-centric, and less business-centric. It means personalization.

The speed of the eCommerce evolution has caught many retailers and eTailers by surprise. Now, in the age of Amazon and the modern consumer, a single website must now handle millions of concurrent shoppers, each with their own preferences about how to buy and receive their order. As a result, the systems needed to support this commerce have to bring multiple data sources together in real-time, operate at Internet scale, and handle complex omni-channel scenarios never dreamed of just a few years ago.

But yesterday’s OMS and inventory systems can’t keep up. They create data silos, not remove them. They don’t scale or respond fast enough to support the large volume of shoppers. They aren’t flexible enough to support the consumer-centric digital shopping experience modern consumers demand. And, frankly, they aren’t very smart. The massive amount of eCommerce and customer data can no longer be analyzed manually by businesses. The net result?

Business executives at retailers and eTailers are struggling to meet the demand of online shoppers and their IT departments are struggling to keep pace with the goals set by their business executives.

But now, there’s Yantriks. As you may be already aware, we were founded by experts in the eCommerce industry and have built some of the world’s leading OMS, PoS, eCommerce, and WMS software. And now, we intend to do it again. Available as on-premise software, private cloud, or public SaaS, our new approach solves the scalability and complexity issues of today’s eCommerce requirements. Further, with data science, it’s smart and reacts instantly to dozens of factors driven by consumers and business conditions. More about this in future posts.

This new approach requires a new website that we’ve launched today. The new www.yantriks.com is a platform from which to educate business and technology professionals, as well as the broader eCommerce community, about a new way of thinking. It’s a platform to read about how your peers are solving similar problems.

We welcome you to join us as we execute on this mission. We hope you like the new website and encourage you to send us feedback at hello ‘@’ yantriks ‘dot’ com. Also, please subscribe to our blog to stay current with the latest news and perspectives — both from us as well as our customers.