What is Personalized Fulfillment?

November 29, 2018 by Omar Akilah

The personalization of the e-commerce shopping experience is a trend that has been evident for many years. Whether it’s through marketing to bring you back to a retailer’s e-commerce website, a custom landing page with your latest searches and purchases, or online product search results based on what you’ve “ liked” before, the goal is to cater to the consumer to present a more meaningful and personalized experience. In return, these personalized experiences garner more clicks and buys than the traditional buying process.

But what about delivery and fulfillment? Does personalization have a role to play there? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Think about it as a consumer. Receiving your package is the first time you actually own and interact with the product you ordered. Until then, it’s in other people’s hands. And what’s more personal than first holding the product you had desired and had been waiting for? But it’s not just the package itself, it’s visualizing the HOW and WHEN you will receive the package as you click through the online shopping experience. When can I have it? Will it be fast? Will it be convenient? Those factors are critical:

Almost half of the shoppers (46%) said the choice of a convenient and personalized delivery service is a key factor in the online buying decision stage, according to MultiChannel Merchant.

So how can today’s top brands leverage the benefits of fulfillment personalization early in the shopping experience? It’s easy now, with Yantriks.

Personalizing fulfillment involves knowing how to connect the consumer with the product as early as the search page, given all the factors involved including, but not limited to:

  1. Inventory availability visibility in total and at each location
  2. Inventory protection and capacity based on historical and current operating run-rates
  3. Location to customer fulfillment capabilities & options at a national- and market-level
  4. Distance to the customer from all possible ship-from locations
  5. Pickup and delivery dates that are accurate, reliable and based on historical and current performance

I’m pleased to announce the general availability of the new Yantriks Personalized Fulfillment Platform (PFP). For retailers and eTailers, the PFP unifies inventory and fulfillment capabilities of your network (listed above) in a single platform, while also removing data integrity, performance, and scalability obstacles preventing companies from offering the personalized experiences consumers expect early in the shopping experience. Powered by Yantriks Scaligent Technology — a combination of scalable, highly performant microservices and artificial intelligence — the platform analyzes critical supply, demand, and customer data to determine optimal fulfillment scenarios, creates the urgency to buy, and delivers the fulfillment personalization and convenience consumers demand.

Buy online pick up in store? Yes. Ship from store (even last mile)? Yes. Dynamic safety stock? Yes. Unique fulfillment options per market? Yes. it’s all here and more.

What does the future hold? It’s hard to tell, but the Tetra Pak Index 2018 predicts that 10-minute delivery will be standard by 2025. Crazy to imagine, I know, but offering almost instant delivery is pretty much the ultimate in personalization.

No matter where the market goes and what consumers demand, all of us at Yantriks promise to help enable it. Welcome to the age of personalized fulfillment.