5 Questions with a Retail Expert: Matthew Glaspey from Petco

5 Questions Matt Glaspey Petco

Today’s installment of 5 Questions with a Retail Expert is with Matthew Glaspey, Sr. Director of Digital Experience at Petco. Check out his views on the latest trends and challenges for top retailers. If you’d like to hear more from Matthew, join us for an educational panel discussion with him, Chris Walton from Omni-Talk, and Yantriks’ experts on Tuesday, August 20th during eTail East in Boston!

The Advantages of a Microservice Approach to Modern Commerce

The Advantages of a Microservice Approach to Modern Commerce

Retail IT professionals are under tremendous pressure because the current retailer landscape is one where the business strategy and needs of the consumer have outpaced the technology capabilities of their present technology and software approaches. To solve this, the “Great Microservices Migration” has begun. In this post, learn about the advantages of a modern Microservices approach to commerce.

Insights from the 2018 MetaPack State of eCommerce Delivery Survey

2018 MetaPack Survey

Consumers now view delivery as the critical last step in the commerce journey. And something that will only grow in the evolution toward New Retail. So, what can retailers and eCommerce companies outside the Big 3 do better? Read this to learn more!

Momentum for Personalized Fulfillment Products & Services Continues to Grow at Yantriks

2018 Yantriks Momentum

Today, I’m extremely proud to announce that 2018 was a breakout year for Yantriks. Due to the close and strategic relationships we have with our customers and the incredible dedication and talent of our employees, our 2018 revenue rose more than 105 percent. Furthermore, we experienced a 125 percent rise in revenue from our customers in the global retailer top 100.