RetailDive: Petco to offer BOPIS services

December 12, 2018 In the News

Petco Retail Location

BOPIS has a high awareness among shoppers, thereby leading to more retailers to test and experiment with the concept, including Home Depot and Nordstrom. Adopting a click-and-collect strategy requires a transformation in how both e-commerce sites and brick-and-mortar stores operate, and greater coordination and visibility across channels.

Rushing into BOPIS services could potentially lead to problems with inventory visibility, lag in response times and inability to fill orders accurately. Petco’s partnership with Yantriks implemented a completely new system for more than 1,500 stores in a matter of a few months, rather than the year or so that is typically required. The Yantriks platform is capable of thousands of transactions per second, thereby streamlining capabilities for consumers.

BOPIS is becoming competitive table stakes for retailers, but it’s a migration companies have to make sure is done right the first time.

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