Yantriks Personalized Fulfillment Platform

Transform your commerce experience by unifying inventory and fulfillment to provide the features your customers demand

eCommerce Inventory and Fulfillment Intelligence at Internet Scale & Speed

The Yantriks Personalized Fulfillment Platform (PFP) unifies inventory and fulfillment capabilities of your network in a single platform, removing the technical obstacles preventing you from offering the personalized experiences your consumers expect. Powered by Yantriks Scaligent™ Technology — a combination of scalable, highly performant microservices and artificial intelligence — the platform analyzes critical supply, demand, and customer data to determine optimal fulfillment scenarios, creates the urgency to buy, and delivers the fulfillment personalization and convenience consumers demand.

The Yantriks-Powered Personalized Fulfillment Experience

Yantriks powers an entirely new eCommerce journey, incenting consumers to purchase while decreasing abandonment rates and creating operational efficiencies. Reward the emotional investment of online shoppers the way traditional shopping experiences do by telling a customer how, when, and where they’ll have their order. After all, 66% of shoppers in a recent survey bought goods from one retailer in preference to another because the delivery options were more appealing.

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Why Yantriks?

All-in-One Modern Platform

95% of shoppers said they would go elsewhere if a retailer couldn’t offer personalized delivery in a recent survey. Yantriks easily powers the latest omnichannel features consumers now demand such as ship to/from store, buy online pick up in-store (BOPUS), and last-mile delivery. Further, Yantriks creates the urgency to buy with features such as limited quantity alerts, order-by get-by, and accurate delivery dates. Lastly, the solution optimizes inventory and delivers operational efficiencies with dynamic safety stock and capacity.

Scaligent Technology: Artificial Intelligence & Internet Scale

A combination of microservices architecture and AI, Yantrik’s Scaligent™ Technology delivers performance at Internet scale with millisecond response times and AI that takes the guesswork out of managing the complex supply chain data needs to balance exposure and execution. Leveraging leading-edge machine learning algorithms, the platform continuously monitors historical and real-time execution data to dynamically adapt, optimize, and adjust settings to present your customers with the most accurate and reliable commitments possible.

Flexible and Easy Deployment

The Yantriks Personalized Fulfillment Platform is available as on-prem software, private cloud, or SaaS, allowing you to easily integrate the solution into your technical architecture and future strategy. Yantrik’s service offerings are delivered by eCommerce experts that are waiting to install, customize, and extend the solution. Pre-built integration with OMS solutions such as IBM Sterling Commerce and Yantriks APIs provide rich integration capabilities.

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Top retail brands trust Yantriks to power personalized fulfillment and modernize their commerce experience

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