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We help you both grow your business and delight your customers at the same time

We get it. Your customers’ shopping expectations are rapidly rising. At the same time, your business is feeling the pressure because the competition, including, are creating new business models, modernizing experiences, and innovating faster than ever. We’re here to help.

The Problem

Unlocking Your Growth Potential

It’s hard to find ways to significantly increase overall revenue, acquire and retain new customers, and deliver modern digital experiences while containing costs to implement.

The Solution

Fulfillment is an opportunity for growth

Turn fulfillment into an exploitable differentiator in your commerce experience. It’s proven to increase sales 10-20% through improved customer acquisition and repeat business while improving CSAT by up to 40% while decreasing abandonment by ~30%. The Yantriks Personalized Fulfillment Platform unlocks your inventory & fulfillment network to create the urgency to buy and deliver a personalized shopping experience shoppers demand.

The Problem

Not innovating fast enough

It’s challenging to innovate fast enough to remain relevant in the modern commerce era. Oftentimes, your current technology stack limits your ability to offer the latest (and evolving) eCommerce features and capabilities.

The Solution

Innovate at Internet speed

Eliminate the technical roadblocks that get in the way of your strategic goals. The Yantriks Personalized Fulfillment Platform eliminates the technical limitations of your business strategy enabling rapid deployment of new fulfillment features in an agile manner — without impacting your current commerce and OMS platforms.

The Problem

Separating from the pack

The top retailers are using personalized fulfillment to build market share and brand awareness by telling their customers when and where they’ll have their product — as early as in the search page. When you have a potential customer on the verge of completing a purchase, they are heavily influenced by how quickly they can receive gratification for parting with their hard-earned money. After all, in a recent survey, 66% of shoppers bought goods from one retailer in preference to another because the delivery options on offer were more appealing.

The Solution

Increase market share

Better the competition by personalizing fulfillment experiences to your customers. Leverage fulfillment convenience as an additional asset in your online value proposition. Yantriks allows you to tell your customers when and where they will receive their order, allowing you to create customer loyalty through fulfillment speed, convenience, and transparency.

The Yantriks Personalized Fulfillment Platform solves these problems and more

What Does New Retail Mean to You?

New Retail, is the cool, hip buzzword right now, and with good reason. It’s taken off here and around the world. Download this complimentary white paper from retail expert Chris Walton, CEO of Omni-talk podcast and blog, to learn why — in the age of New Retail — speed and convenience of delivery should now be critical factors of your commerce strategy.