Technology Leaders

We have the technology, talent pool, and domain expertise to help you rapidly innovate your omni-commerce strategy

We understand. You and your team are being asked by business leaders to modernize and innovate faster. At the same time, you are restricted by previous investments in your technical architecture and infrastructure, limited budgets, and tight timelines. We are here to help.

The Problem

Meeting the needs of the business strategy

You understand the business strategy but the technology path forward is unclear. You know the technical architecture and infrastructure must evolve as the strategy does — but how exactly?

The Solution

Enable the business strategy

With a combination of technology and domain experts, Yantriks partners with you to deliver a proven execution plan and a purpose-built, highly performant (i.e., millisecond response times) technology capable of serving some the most demanding areas of your digital experience.

The Problem

Complex infrastructure with multiple “data masters”

The omnichannel and fulfillment landscape is complex and often-times lacks a single “source of truth” for the features the business wants to enable. Critical data is locked up in silos preventing the ability to transform, become agile, and run at the speed of digital commerce.

The Solution

“Single source of truth” for inventory availability and fulfillment

The Yantriks Personalized Fulfillment Platform unifies inventory sources and fulfillment capabilities — becoming the single source of truth — to deliver a personalized shopping experience to your customers.

The Problem

Innovating at internet speed

Innovating with features and capabilities fast enough to meet the needs of the business is difficult, as is acquiring the talent required to deliver it. You need to overcome the constraints of limited time and resources in order to deliver eCommerce innovations.

The Solution

Deploy in record time

The Yantriks Personalized Fulfillment Platform can be rapidly integrated and deployed within just a few months. We are the experts in architecting and delivering commerce, order management, and fulfillment solutions and can immediately augment your current talent pool.

The Problem

Existing technology is an anchor

How do you move to newer architectures and more scalable technologies in parallel with managing the technology used to support your existing business?

The Solution

Transform while maintaining

Yantriks Personalized Fulfillment Platform is highly performant and highly scalable. It leverages your past investments in existing commerce / OMS / DOM infrastructure to rapidly enable omni-commerce fulfillment. While it may seem that you need to “start over”, Yantriks makes it possible to evolve without rebuilding from scratch.

The Yantriks Personalized Fulfillment Platform solves these problems and more

A Microservices Approach to Retail

The reality of modern commerce is forcing IT organizations to rethink their commerce strategies, technologies, and architectures. Based on our research, and engagement with many of the top retailers in the world, a new Microservices approach to inventory availability and order optimization sits at the very center of these transformation efforts. Download this complimentary white paper to learn why.