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We know transformation isn’t easy. The Yantriks Professional Services team combines extensive domain experience in inventory and order management, promising, and fulfillment with expert knowledge of digital commerce to assess your current technology landscape and performance, identify gaps, and surface opportunities. With our deep expertise in performance engineering, along with maintaining & enhancing commerce, order management, and fulfillment capabilities, we help clients maximize value in their investments and run at peak performance. With our pragmatic approach, we’re with you step-by-step along your journey to modernize your commerce and fulfillment experiences using the latest cutting-edge technology stacks.

We know commerce technology:

Our team consists of recognized & trusted founders, innovators, architects, integrators, and implementers of Inventory, Order Management and Fulfillment System solutions. With deep experience in Big Data, Machine Learning, Cloud, Open Sources technologies, we are able to partner with you to accelerate and help to achieve your goals.

We know solution development and implementation:

Continuous deployment is rapidly revolutionizing the speed at which retailers are able to deliver business capabilities. From architecture and solution definition to Performance tuning and full-scale, zero down-time implementations, we help top-tier retailers tune, architect, develop and deploy highly performant, complex commerce and fulfillment systems in record time.

We understand global and market nuances:

We’re proud of our deep and diverse experience in the commerce fulfillment, across business verticals, geographies, and sales channels (B2B and B2C). From marketplace offerings to global fulfillment and expansion, our team has the experience and acumen to help develop and implement strategies tailored to your global market needs.

Top 5 Causes of OMS Peak Unreadiness

This solution brief summarizes the top 5 areas that we’ve experienced impact the stability, scalability and performance of some of the world’s most popular OMS systems during peak.

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Yantriks Professional Services Offerings

  • Omni-Channel Roadmap & Business Case
  • Package Implementation
  • Solution Delivery
  • Performance Engineering
  • Data Science and Machine Learning

Omni-Channel Roadmap & Business Case

Omni-commerce, order management, ATP and optimized fulfillment is in the DNA of Yantriks. Leveraging the extensive experience with retail and the associated functional domains, Yantriks is ideally suited for putting together a business case for your omni-channel transformation and define execution roadmap for the same, while ensuring an enhanced & seamless customer experience. Key activities that the Yantriks team can help with include:

  • Assess current customer experience in commerce and fulfillment
  • Assess current solution architecture & systems landscape
  • Identify and prioritize business benefits aligned with key functional and technical opportunities
  • Conduct a build vs. buy assessment along with product vendor selection, if needed
  • Define execution roadmap and release plan
  • Define end-state architecture along with phased progression to minimize business disruption

Package Implementation

Having decades of experience in designing, architecting, developing and deploying commerce, order management, and fulfillment solutions, the Yantriks team is ready to help you address your evolving needs to implement COTS packages. From greenfield implementations to upgrades, Yantriks has the right expertise to accelerate implementations comprising:

  • IBM Sterling OMS upgrades and migrations with zero downtimes
  • Solution architecture review and roadmap development
  • Extension and enablement of omni-features (e.g., view in store, BOPIS, SFS, STS, endless aisle, omni-cart, etc.)
  • End-to-end order management development and deployment
  • Quality engineering and production support
  • DevOps & CICD

Solution Delivery

Yantriks knows that packages don’t always have the answers to your unique business and technical needs. With deep omni-commerce, logistics and supply chain domain expertise, coupled with strong technical acumen in microservices, open source, cloud, big data, and development methodologies, Yantriks augments your development teams to accelerate delivery. Samples of our commerce solutions include:

  • Pricing and promotion services
  • Enterprise inventory availability & reservation service
  • Dynamic fulfillment & order optimization
  • Perfect order orchestration
  • Order repository & audit
  • Customer profile database
  • WMS integration adapters & pick optimization

Performance Engineering

The Yantriks Performance team partners with your internal teams to provide the tools, insights and tactical support to assess, troubleshoot, and resolve your digital commerce, order management and fulfillment scale and performance problem areas:

  • Performance SWAT team & leadership team
  • Assessment and diagnostic tools & recommendations – identify bottlenecks, poor system performance, database locks, resource contention, etc.
  • Cross-collaboration across production support, engineering, and business users to resolve issues quickly
  • Architecture and solution review
  • Capacity and resource planning
  • Multiple-round performance testing and formal benchmarks
  • Peak & holiday readiness planning and support

Data Science and Machine Learning

The Yantriks Data Science team will help make sense of the overwhelming amounts of data across your digital and fulfillment systems to help you automatically make optimal decisions increasing profitability, lowering cost, and enhancing the customer experience. A sample of the problem areas we’ve helped solve:

  • Inventory exposure and fill-rate balancing
  • Fulfillment capacity and resource planning
  • Inventory demand planning and replenishment
  • Customer order routing and optimization
  • Customer loyalty and profitability scoring
  • Fulfillment data normalization and master data management

Data Sheet

Top retail brands trust Yantriks to power personalized fulfillment and modernize their commerce experience

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