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Rapidly deliver a personalized digital commerce & fulfillment experience for the modern consumer

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Yantriks Professional Services

Accelerate your digital transformation efforts by removing the technical hurdles impeding your commerce and fulfillment strategies.  Whatever your goals are, we’ll help you get there

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Our Product

The Yantriks Personalized Fulfillment Platform optimizes inventory and fulfillment for retailers. Powered by Yantriks Scaligent™ Technology – a combination of scalable, highly performant microservices architecture and artificial intelligence – the solution personalizes the shopping and fulfillment experience to offer conveniences modern consumers demand, reduce costs, create the urgency to buy, and drive sales growth. Learn all about our products by watching our 2-minute video.

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Leading Retail Brands Have Achieved Amazing Results

Growth in customer acquisition

Increase in sales revenue

Reduction in abandonment

Increase in cart conversion

Our Services

We know transformation isn’t easy. The Yantriks Professional Services team combines extensive domain experience in inventory, order management and fulfillment with expert knowledge of digital commerce to assess your current technical landscape, identify gaps and surface opportunities.

Performance Engineering
Data Science & Machine Learning
Dev Ops & Support
Package Implementation
Solution Delivery

Recent Blog Posts

3 Things that will be different for Retail post-COVID-19

The people of the world at large have shown amazing restraint and self discipline in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The folks on the frontlines deserve our thanks and appreciation for their service and commitment. One industry that has been very hard hit by the shutdown is the retail, with stores having abruptly shuttered operations to help facilitate the physical distancing so essential to containing the rate of spread of the disease.  As we gradually see a flattening of the rate of spread of the COVID-19, Yantriks polled a cross-section of futurists and retail strategists for their informed takes on changes we can expect for retail when the economy reopens. As the stores reopen, retail will need to do […]

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Meet Sandra, the Modern Shopper

Many forward-thinking retailers — many of who are our customers — are thinking outside-in. That is, the goals of the company aren’t all about profits or margins, it’s about meeting the needs of the modern shopper. These retailers have an unyielding focus on creating the best shopping experience for their customers. When they do this, they find it surprisingly easy to solve many of the underlying issues plaguing the retailing sector today (both inside their organization and out). So, please, meet Sandra, the modern shopper. All you have to do, retailer, is focus on her. 

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Yantriks at eTail East

Meet Yantriks at eTail East 2019 in Boston!

The ultimate goal of the eTail East event is to inspire and educate retailers on ways they can transform and modernize the ways in which they serve their customers. With that goal in mind, and on behalf of everyone at Yantriks, we are incredibly excited to be attending this year’s event and to host an educational panel discussion with such luminaries as Matt Glaspey from Petco and Chris Walton from Omni-Talk.

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What Does New Retail Mean to You?

New Retail, is the cool, hip buzzword right now, and with good reason. It’s taken off here and around the world. Download this complimentary white paper from retail expert Chris Walton, CEO of Omni-talk podcast and blog, to learn why — in the age of New Retail — speed and convenience of delivery should now be critical factors of your commerce strategy.